Current layout is a scan from manga style! featuring the inner senshi from bishoujo senshi sailor moon.

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what the hell is an aluminum falcon infani

It's a made-up word (or maybe a real one somewhere) for a made-up language in a made-up story I co-write. It means queen, but in all honesty I just needed a domain name, wanted one that was sort of personal to me, and that one sounded the coolest. Someday I'll have a nifty character site I can link here for all the background information nobody cares about, but alas.

did you have other shitty domains?

Funny you should ask! Yes, the answer is yes.

I've had a few domains in my time (casually hooks thumbs into belt loops while spitting into a metal bucket), most of them when I was too young to have any business "running" a domain.

I started with two crappy geocities sites. One for Spice Girls and one for Sailor Moon, as you do. From there I moved to Brinkster's free sites because they didn't completely suck and, eventually, upgraded to paid hosting through them. It only took me a whole five years to come to my senses and piss off to greater pastures.

Anyway, on Brinkster I had a "blog" (the air quotes should be accompanied with a long sigh and eye roll) called Twisted Fate (there it is) before I switched it to something less dumb. I had choco-bunny.net for a long time, but in my mid-20's it was time to put away childish things and here we are now. I also left Brinkster. This domain is hosted on HostClearly and I have another on BlueHost. Infani.net, like choco-bunny.net, is and will always be a collective.